Proud Home of Rosemary Red, 2001 Western Regional Grand Champion Female
Proud Breeder of HRR Liberty, FIRST of 46, Medium Wool Yearling Females, 2002 ALSA NATIONALS
Proud Breeder of HRR Chilean Natasha, 2005 Eastern Regional Grand Champion Female
Proud Breeder and Birther of Belinda and Serena 2007 Western States Llama Futurity Class Winners
Proud First Home of Serena, 2007 Northwestern Regional Grand Champion Suri Wool Female
Proud First Home of Serena, 2008 Best in Show at the Grand Slam under Ali Soukup
Proud Home of Sienna, Winner of Class F, 5-15 Mo Suri Fall Camelid Extravaganza LCC 2009 and 5th Place Celeb 2010
Home of Bolivian Rosanna Rose, First and Grand Champion and First Bred and Owned, Spokane Interstate Fair 2011

EMAIL US:  llamas@turbonet.com



Enhance your lifestyle with investment, show, and breeding quality llamas from Hard Rock Ranch, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have full Chilean, full Bolivian, and South American crosses. We are breeding for show quality llamas with sound conformation, good minds, and great fiber. Many people ask what you do with a llama. A small sampling includes: 4-H projects that teach children responsibility and patience while being inherently rewarding; many beautiful fiber products can be made for the whole family with a small amount of training (great Christmas presents, too); llamas are environmentally friendly pack animals; they are super companion animals for the whole family; the llama bean is a natural fertilizer for garden and flower beds that does a great job without having the drawbacks of some products; the llama industry is growing rapidly with plenty of room for new enthusiasts; and finally the reward of breeding and producing gorgeous and sound animals with the added bonus of showing them off locally and nationally in the showring to bring home ribbons and cash prizes.

Repeat customer are eligible for a discount on purchasing animals or services. See us on the web (www.palouse.net/llamas), email us (llamas@turbonet.com), see us at the Celebrity in Oklahoma City, or visit us at home (509-332-3884).

Heaven, Shadow, Rockelle, Black Beauty, Black Pearl, Sir Luciano, Bat Masterson were placed in new homes in 1999!

Delight, Careta, Arisco, Lucha Villa, Sunshine, Hope, Rosetta Noel, Durango Warrior, Clementine, Coffee Break, Zumbido, Silver Dinero, Checote, Bijou, Camille, Jewelle, and Silverado were all  placed in new homes in 2000! 

Esmeralda, Slow Down, Jezebel, Savanna, Snowy, Salsalita, Baron, Twilight, Felicity, Dancing Delight, Paint the Town Red, Marinella, Hopscotch, and Ready to Rock have all been placed in new homes in 2001. 

Liberty, Palo, Hubba Hubba, PW, Laredo, Rimrock, Chili, and Black Classic have all been placed in new homes in 2002!

Natasha, Alarco, Macarena, Frankie, Bullwinkle, Destiny, Independence, Gidget and Happy have all been placed in new homes in 2003!

Black Betty, Olivia, Arabella, Riveria, Jasmine, Marigold, Ritzy, Sabrina, Flower, Legend and Taglio have been placed in new homes in 2004!

Fern, Miss Blossom, Bonaventure, Oryan, Novia, Star in the Dust, Rhapsody, and Pale Rider have been placed in new homes in 2005!

Sara, Paint Your Wagon, Party Girl, Juanita, Genteel, Jewell, Misty, Foxy, Godiva, Josey, Madison, Pinky, Red, Firecracker, Fabio, Barolo, and Jeffe have been placed in new homes in 2006!

Rosalee, Snowman,  and Remington have been placed in new homes in 2007!

Patty, Serena, Belinda, Rianna, and Rover have been placed in new homes in 2008!

Anika, Porsche, Kisses, Cimarron, Monique, Cherokee, Ranger, Topaz, Vito and Athena have been placed in new homes in 2009.

Sienna has been placed in a new home in 2010.

Gus, Felina, Rose, and Roslyn have gone to new homes in 2012.

Thank you to everyone for your belief in our program.


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