Two-Seated Buckboard Kits

The Buckboard Hardware Kit contains all of the basic hardware to make a Two-seat Buckboard as pictured above. The kit contains; dash brackets, whip socket, seat irons, rear seat fasteners, luggage rail, fifth wheel, axle clips, shaft/tongue couplers, rear axle braces, brake parts (optional) and complete instructions for building your buckboard. .The cost of the Buckboard Hardware Kit, $695 (without brake hardware.); Buckboard Hardware Kit Plus, $925 (with brake hardware).

The Buckboard Kit contains everything but the lumber. It contains the Buckboard Hardware Kit along with, wheels, axles, seat springs, shaft or tongue parts, nuts, and bolts. The cost of the Buckboard Kit, $1,995 (without brake hardware); Buckboard Kit Plus, $2,225 (with brake hardware).

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