Custom Wheelwrighting

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Moscow Carriage is a complete wheel shop -- from making wooden hubs and hub cores, to setting flat or channel tires, to mounting any size or style of rubber, to boring and boxing hubs. Prior to construction of wheels, all parts are dried to the appropriate moisture content for your climate. Wheels are normally sent out in the white, though sealing and painting can be done on request. I recommend painting your wheels just as soon as possible to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture from the air. Under most circumstances, you should get at least 5 years or 2,000 to 3,000 miles of use before needing to reset the tires.

For those of you in the eastern U.S., I cannot compete price-wise with many of your shops on either the lighter sarven or the lighter rollerbearing wheels. If you need heavier sarven or rollerbearing; or any size common, offset, warner, archibald or mail wheels, then do contact me. For those of you in the western U.S., contact me for any wheel needs you may have.

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